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Alabama Driver’s License Gender Marker Change Procedures

According to ALEA’s interpretation of Alabama law, proof of GCS is required to change the marker on you driver’s license. However, ALEA will also update the marker on your driver’s license if you provide an updated birth certificate with your new gender marker. Thus, depending on your circumstances, it is possible to update your marker without GCS.

The process generally goes like this:

  1. Acquire a letter from your doctor to change your gender marker with Social Security. This letter can be used to update your passport as well, if you have one. For more information on updating your gender with Social Security, refer to this guide

  2. Change the gender marker on your birth certificate. This process varies depending on the state in which you were born.
    • If you have an Alabama birth certificate, TODO: do we have a sample letter for this?
    • If you have a birth certificate from somewhere else, refer to this guide for the procedure to update it.
  3. Bring your updated birth certificate to the DMV on Church Street in Huntsville. Most DMVs cannot update your marker, but this office is known to work and several people have successfully updated their markers at this location.

This process is not exactly endorsed by the Alabama state government, so it is uncertain if it will always work. These instructions were last updated in May 2019, and the last verified successful execution of this procedure was in January 2019. Please let us know if these instructions work for you or if you run into issues.