Support Groups

In-person groups

Transgender North Alabama - Adult Support Group (18+)

A support group is hosted in Huntsville, and meets several times per month. We welcome all adult transgender and non-binary identifying people regardless of their physical or social state of transition.

Group meetings are an opportunity for members to discuss whatever is on their mind, as well as providing a safe space to explore gender expression without fear of judgement.

Group membership is kept confidential, and measures are taken to preserve privacy and avoid outing people.

To help ensure the privacy and safety of the group, exact meeting details are not publicly available. If you would like more information please contact Alek Mitterbach on Facebook, Email or by phone/text at (216) 533-1660.

TransFamily Support Group - Parent Support Group

Online Communities

Practically Trans - Adult Discord Server (18+)

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Trans Youth Discord Server (13-18)

A safe space for trans youth 13-18 to talk about trans stuff and life and all that.

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